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Mar 5, 2012 7:00am EST
beginning to pick up the pieces in indiana and kentucky are now seeing snow and rain. 39 people have been killed across five states in the south and midwest. the latest victim is an indiana toddler who passed away after being taken off life support last night rescuers are looking for any more potential victims in rural areas many communities are working to restore cell phone service, electricity and internet service. >>> branches of the american red cross and our region have not been called in to help those tornado ravaged states yet but ready to go at any time so far red cross chapters closer to the effected states have been able to cope with the need for shelters but damage assessment teams are still analyzing what is needed there. one need is mental health workers. >>> a lot of the people that were hurt by this tornado, saw horrific images, you know, their houses might have been destroyed, people they know might have been killed or severely injured mental health workers from the red cross are available and talking with them. >> should our local red cross trucks and staff be needed they
Mar 5, 2012 9:00am EST
tornadoes are beginning to pick up the pieces dealing with mother nature once again parts of indiana and kentucky got hit with a cold front and are seeing snow and rain 39 people have been killed across five states the latest victim is a indiana toddler who passed away. rescuers are looking for more potential victims in rural areas and communities are working to restore cell phone and internet service. >>> making headlines, jury selection will begin today in the wrongful death trial involving that shooting rampage at virginia tech. school officials will be asked to explain their actions the day a gunman opened fire killing 32 people then himself. it happened back in april 2007. the lawsuit is brought by the parents of two of the victims, they maintain the university botched efforts to alert students after the first two killings occurred. >>> shocking story this morning out of southeast washington dispute over dog waste turns deadly. >> police say the suspect stabbed a man who was walking his friend's dog. melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters where an investigation is under
Mar 6, 2012 9:00am EST
.  >>> headlines this morning an indiana woman who risked her life to save her children from a tornado, 36-year-old stephanie decker was home alone with her two kids when the twister struck they took shelter in the basement of their three story home decker covered the children with her body, to shield them as the house was torn apart debris fell on her, she survived but she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle, the children though were not injured. >>> at least 40 people in 5 states have died following a number of tornadoes across the midwest and south. >>> survivors are now picking up the pieces and trying to move on. will thomas is here with more. >> good morning. just total devastation, right now thousands are still without power this morning many survivors in the hardest hit areas don't have homes or businesses to go back to work to. here is a closer look at the devastation and the tenacity. >> overwhelming, destruction, devastation, any word that you can think of, it is surreal. >> really sad it's someones home and just got destroyed. >> reporter: people living across the
Mar 7, 2012 9:00am EST
in indiana as it was ripped apart last week she wrapped her two young kids in a blanket and laid on top of them. >> the steel beams the brick, everything from the house was hitting me in the back i remember having a steel beam fall right on my leg and dominic at one point said mommy i need you to save me. >> decker had to protect her kids again when a second tornado headed right for them, remarkably the kids were not hurt but doctors were forced to amputate part of both of deckers legs. >> hundreds of residents across the midwest and south are facing a long road to recovery following that tornado outbreak thanks to groups like samaritan's purse some residents are receiving help they need to try to start getting back on their feet, samaritan's purse is responding sending staff and equipment to some of the hardest hit areas joining us live now via skype is todd taylor the program manager with samaritan's purse, new albany is 12 miles from henryville one of the hardest hit area, good morning todd. >> good morning. >> when did you get there, what did you see once you arrived. >> we got into
Mar 6, 2012 7:00am EST
of destruction, the storying comes out of the hardst hit areas are heart breaking one indiana woman lost her leg saving her children from a tornado. >>> 36-year-old stephanie decker was alone at home with her two kids they took shelter in the basement of their three story home she covered her children with her body as the horse was torn apart she lost one leg above the knee the other above the ankle the children were not injured. >>> hmm. >> all right >> mothers love. >> yeah, that is tough we wish her and her family the best. >> certainly do. >> it is time to find out what is happening with our weather luckily calm conditions prevail, tucker has that for us and more. >> and more. >> and more. get to the more first time now for my first 5 photo of the day, this is the cuteness factor. yes, everybody guess who this is? >> anaya. >> thanks tony. >> you said guess. >>> she looks so glamorous. >> yes, this is anaya guess what she loves to do? >> be glamorous and wears lip stick. >> oh,. >> and apparently, she put it on all by herself. >> she did a good job too. >> yeah, takes a little practice. >>
Mar 7, 2012 7:00am EST
deckers legs. >>> here is tornadoes that detroyed an entire town in indiana. people are asking for those who have unoccupied homes to make those available for rent. >>> amazing. to see the destruction. >> right >> i said this before you know, i used to cover those things and go out there like the day after the storms, and the destruction you see it on tv all the time and television doesn't do it justice you get out there it is like a huge bomb went off extraordinary terrible just terrible. >> each of those lots has a family or story. that is the real toll too. very sad. i heard sarah say earlier, we are so blessed around d fortunate to have the quiet weather >> absolutely nice weather pattern continues today with a warming trend. yesterday was a nice afternoon, upper 40s sunshine but today, mid-60s. with sunshine. >> even better >> i know you have been looking forward to this all week allison. >> i have been. >> in particular tomorrow. here is your headline warming trend here to stay, it is cool to start the day, 31 washington 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this hour off
Mar 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
might mitigate those numbers. >> they do in a state like indiana, very tough state for democrats to win republicans have a tough primary there, they feel like if one candidate comes out of there, democrats might have a better chance of picking that up. >> which incumbents have the best opposition. >> democrats -- well, you got scott brown in massachusetts, that is number one running in a state obama will certainly win he won by a huge margin last time and expected to win by a huge margin this time. >> i want to go through we said we would do the top 10 members who are in serious danger of losing their seats if congress, and one of particular interest here is representative bart let in maryland. >> yes, we honestly did not think he was going to run again his district was drawn so badly for him, frederick area, it is looking so bad for him but you know he is fighting he is an 85- year-old but really fighting for another term but his district drawn by democratic legislature not looking too good for him same thing in georgia, republicans control redistricting, john bare row democrat from s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7